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Transportation of cookstove liners to the market.

GVEP is working with entrepreneurs to tackle the barriers related to distribution of energy products in Kenya.

Over 1000 solar lamps will be put up for sale early February 2016, by women entrepreneurs in Tambacounda and Kédougou, Senegal. This will increase access to a healthy, sustainable and economical source of lighting to off-grid communities.

Ideas to Impact has announced the winners for the Cylinder prize as part of the Energy Access theme, managed by GVEP International and IMC Worldwide with prize design help from InnoCentive. The prize offered cash incentives to find high value alternative uses for substandard LPG cylinders when they are withdrawn from circulation. The Cylinder Prize attracted a lot of interest, with more than 180 solvers from 40 countries proposing solutions. Among all those proposals, seven solvers received an award for five different ideas.

Case studies

GVEP provides strategic, technical, financial and operational support to early-stage energy businesses which employ technologies including energy efficient cookstoves and briquettes, solar lighting and home systems, biogas, and mini-grid electrification. Below are a few examples of our work:

Meeting the energy needs of refugees and displaced people

GVEP is part of the Moving Energy Initiative, a consortium working to meet the energy needs of refugees and displaced people in a safe, cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Providing efficiency and performance analysis for operator of energy kiosks

GVEP offers specialized advisory support to medium-sized energy access businesses that have the potential for growth and scale. We help them in various capacities: from developing their supply chain and route-to-market strategies, to accessing finance required for growth.

Energy opportunities for women in Senegal

GVEP and local partner SEM Fund are supporting women’s economic empowerment through a three-year project, Economic Opportunities for Women in Senegal (EOWS), with financing from ENERGIA, the International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy.




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