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Kenya Programme Manager , Belinda Mills and Joseph Nga'nga sign and agreement

Eight off-grid lighting (OGL) distributors have been awarded grants in an effort to increase access to reliable and affordable OGL solutions for the Bottom of the Pyramid.

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Through the Spark Fund Project in Kenya, GVEP has been working with local stove entrepreneurs to develop new biomass (wood & charcoal) cookstove designs for domestic use. The new stove designs will offer greater efficiency, reduced emissions, and improved safety and durability compared to other local existing models.

A Tanzanian mini-grids project whose financing process is being supported by GVEP Advisory Services has been selected to pitch at Pymwymic's Impact Days conference in Amsterdam in April.

Our Impact

As a result of our work with businesses an estimated four million people now have improved access to clean energy.

Supporting mini-grids and small hydro systems in rural areas to improve livelihoods

A reliable source of energy in remote areas can have significant benefits for local families, hospitals, schools, as well as boost the productivity of local businesses. GVEP is working with project developers in East Africa to build mini-grids and small hydro systems.

Making solar lanterns accessible to women in rural Kenya 

The LED solar lamps not only serve as sustainable energy solutions to the women and their families, but will also save household budgets for lighting fuel spent on kerosene.

Improving productivity and creating jobs in Senegal

Improving the provision of energy enhances productivity and boosts economic activity. GVEP helps various businesses expand through access to modern forms of energy in Senegal.



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