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Helping with the energy requirements of local communities can make a key contribution to the success of companies operating in developing countries. Improving access to energy for households and local businesses in targeted regions has value as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative in its own right, but can be even more valuable when seen as directly adding value to a company’s core business, for example, as a way to: 

- Strengthen a firm’s operating mandate in a particular country;

- Offer a commercial platform to support local product marketing and branding;

- Improve the wellbeing and productivity of the local workforce;

- Improve the capacity and productivity of the local supply chain.

GVEP can assist corporate managers to deliver results for their companies and the communities they work in.

Setting realistic objectives, and aligning theme with the needs of the local community can be challenging, and may be sensitive; achieving the right balance requires experience, skills, and expertise.

This is where GVEP can make a difference.

We not only have considerable local expertise and experience in developing countries but provide much needed services to local communities. GVEP can act as strategic partners to help companies implement programmes that not only meet communities’ immediate needs but also fit with the company’s own corporate objectives.

GVEP has an excellent reputation for working with local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to bring lasting improvements – like access to clean, affordable energy – to local communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.

Lack of access to modern energy services means that entire communities have:

  • no lights, so children cannot do their homework;

  • inefficient cooking stoves that are damaging to health;

  • limited access to modern communications, such as mobile phones;

  • inadequate power to run critical equipment in health facilities;

  • expensive energy & fuel supplies for schools;

  • inadequate power to set up small businesses  like workshops or crop processing facilities.

Even in grid-connected communities often experience power cuts and may lack reliable power to run refrigerators in shops, computers in businesses and other such useful equipment.

The provision of energy, particularly when delivered through local small and medium enterprises, helps support many corporate social responsibility objectives, not least:

  • Leadership, enterprise development and local jobs.

  • Sustainable energy and improved environmental conditions.

  • Improved conditions for education, healthcare and security. 

  • All leading to longer term economic development. 

Energy access underpins a wide range of socio-economic improvements. So our work will be of interest to companies with a general interest in supporting progress in these countries.  But we think it will be especially relevant to firms whose core business relates to specific fields where energy access is important, such as: health, agriculture, cooking and consumer products, education, telephony, and energy.   

Improving financial inclusion is also a key element of our approach - helping consumers and entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid with access to finance – so financial services companies are also interested in our work.

Often, this work is complicated by strong local cultures, language barriers, multiple community representatives and a host of other factors. We have the experience and the technical expertise to overcome these complexities.

The results? A project that delivers for the community and your business.

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