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Today one in five people around the world lacks access to modern energy. Three billion people rely on wood, coal, charcoal or animal waste for cooking and heating.

The lack of energy services is a direct cause of poverty. Energy provides new opportunities for income, enables businesses to grow, generates jobs, and creates new markets. Access to reliable and sustainable energy would allow millions more children to study after dark, schools and health clinics to improve their services; and would enable countries to create more resilient, competitive economies.

GVEP does not give stuff away. What we do is to help markets to work and small energy businesses to grow, so that energy products and services can be delivered in increasing quantities long after our involvement is over. We call this the Enterprise Approach, and we prefer it because we think it delivers long-lasting change and improvement.

With your support we can help men and women working to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

Donate online, in any currency, by credit or debit card. Your donations large or small can make a difference:         

  • $50/£31/€38 will provide five families with a solar lantern through a GVEP supported consumer loan scheme.

  • $500/£300/€370 could provide access to growth capital for a sustainable energy micro-business that brings access to clean technology right to the doorstep of the people who need it most

  • $2,500/£1,500/€1,800 could establish a new solar lighting and phone charging business in a community currently without access to power.

Through our enterprise approach we ensure that your donation will achieve the maximum economic, environmental and social impact.