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Stay abreast of the latest news from the energy sector and GVEP’s activities.

Women using improved cookstoves in Tambacounda, Senegal

GVEP International and SEM Fund are joining forces to increase women’s participation in the energy market in Senegal and make sustainable energy available to the poorest communities.

Improved cookstove workshop in East Africa

Pledges of new activity worth $413m were announced by international organisations and donors at the Cookstove Futures Summit in New York on November 21st. The conference marks the start of phase two of a ten year campaign by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to bring cleaner cooking to 100 million households.

School children in Kampala

Schools in Kampala are cutting down fuel consumption by up to 50% thanks to energy efficient cookstoves, providing staff with a safer smoke-free environment and students with well-cooked, timely meals.

Energy enterprise challenges infographic

GVEP and Invested Development, in collaboration with Power Africa and the UN SE4All Energy Access Practitioner Network, developed and launched a survey assessing the challenges that renewable energy enterprises experience in emerging economies. Of 131 respondents, 90% operate primarily in Africa and over 50% operate in East Africa. Over 80% of responding companies employ less than 25 individuals and 75% generate up to $500,000 USD in revenue.

Central American Forum for Clean Energy Finals

In a bid to address the energy shortage affecting the country, GSR Energy Limited (GSR) fully developed a project, a sugarcane bio-electricity plant and a bio-ethanol distillery in Belize, which will produce electricity for domestic use and ethanol for export.

Solaris product in use

 Solar company Eternum Energy is crowdfunding to test their solar charging business model that aims to provide stable income streams for and facilitate the start-up of solar businesses in Mwanza, Tanzania.

 670 households and 350 businesses on Ukara Island in Tanzania can now look forward to having access to modern electricity. This will be achieved through a pilot project worth €1.7m implemented by INENSUS (an energy private business- developer of the project business model), Terra Projects (a German energy consulting firm) and St. Augustine University of Tanzania, with GVEP working as the lead agency.

 “Transforming waste. Transforming lives” is the motto of a Kenyan based company that is crowdfunding to purchase a mechanical briquette-making machine, which will increase their production of environmentally friendly briquettes made from human waste.


An IDEAS2 winning enterprise in Suriname is working on a system of waste oil collection from communities and companies to use as a feedstock for biodiesel production.

SOLARKIOSK Holding, a German based e-SME, is changing the lives of those living in off-grid rural communities with the installation of multi-functional business units known as SOLARKIOSKS, providing modern energy services and products as well as creating jobs and providing ‘local marketplace’ for villagers.