Stay abreast of the latest news from the energy sector and GVEP’s activities.

GVEP appointed Peter Weston as Director of Investment Advisory Services. Peter is an expert in power and renewables, with 20 years of experience as an investor, lender and strategic adviser, mostly in developing countries.

Transportation of cookstove liners to the market.

GVEP is working with entrepreneurs to tackle the barriers related to distribution of energy products in Kenya.

Over 1000 solar lamps will be put up for sale early February 2016, by women entrepreneurs in Tambacounda and Kédougou, Senegal. This will increase access to a healthy, sustainable and economical source of lighting to off-grid communities.

Ideas to Impact has announced the winners for the Cylinder prize as part of the Energy Access theme, managed by GVEP International and IMC Worldwide with prize design help from InnoCentive. The prize offered cash incentives to find high value alternative uses for substandard LPG cylinders when they are withdrawn from circulation. The Cylinder Prize attracted a lot of interest, with more than 180 solvers from 40 countries proposing solutions. Among all those proposals, seven solvers received an award for five different ideas.

INTASAVE brings solar nanogrids to Africa

INTASAVE Energy has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to bring clean electricity to communities across Africa through a series of solar nano grids (SONGs). This is the first campaign to benefit from matched funding under GVEP’s innovative Crowd Power initiative, in partnership with UK Aid.

A business coach at the Tanzania SEED training

Two Tanzanian companies are among the 2015 SEED Award winners to receive tailor-made business training in a bid to expand energy access and productivity through increased access to energy.

Light in a refugee camp

The first ever global analysis of refugees’ energy use - launched in November at the UN Headquarters in New York - shows how high costs and poor supply undermine humanitarian assistance. The report calls for an overhaul in the way that energy is managed within the humanitarian sector.

Clean Cooking Forum 2015 - Accelerating markets and scaling solutions

Energy access programmes must do more to address the needs of the poorest, GVEP's CEO told delegates attending the cookstoves summit in Ghana.

The 2015 Clean Cooking Forum opens today in Accra, Ghana. The four-day conference provides the opportunity for practitioners to come together to learn from each other and to work towards gaining the capacity and resources necessary to scale adoption of clean cooking solutions.

Solar energy entrepreneur with keen eye for opportunity

A GVEP-supported entrepreneur in a small fishing town on the shores of Lake Victoria, North Tanzania, has seized the opportunity of the bustling economy of the area to utilise solar in diversifying businesses.