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Stay abreast of the latest news from the energy sector and GVEP’s activities.

Customer demand soars for affordable power, as Azuri and GVEP bring clean electricity to off-grid rural communities in Rwanda.

An award winning business plans to advance rural electrification in Haiti by using innovative gasification technology which turns agricultural waste into energy to power micro grids in rural villages.

Google’s Little Box Challenge is an open competition aiming to stimulate the creation of new, small, innovative power inverters. Smaller inverters will create a bigger spectrum of possible use, including more efficient solar PV products and smart grid distribution which could help to bringing electricity to many people who don’t have it. The winning design will receive a $1,000,000 prize fund.

New wood and charcoal cookstoves with high levels of fuel efficiency and significantly reduced emissions have been launched into the market in Kenya. The stoves have the potential to transform cooking practices in Kenya. What makes these stoves unique is that they are made by local Kenyan businesses and they retail at a price which is well below the cost of imported high efficiency stoves.

Mibawa Supplies Limited is a Kenyan enterprise working to provide solar products to customers who cannot afford the high upfront costs associated with ‘one-off’ payment products. Selling the IndiGo product from Azuri a cost-effective pay-as-you-go alternative they are working to scale –up their distribution outlets and expand their reach across Kenya.

Karara SUARL

 A business that GVEP is supporting under the ESME programme has had its Environmental and Social Management Frameworkand Environmental Management plans approved. An Independent Evaluation committee was satisfied that the plans adhered to and corresponded with both social and environmental policies already in place.


PowerGen, is a renewable energy company operating in Kenya to facilitate access to energy for off-grid communities. Originally through solar and wind solutions and now micro-grids, they are allowing communities to benefit from energy access as well as assisting to secure finance for its installation.

io solar block product in use

Shamba Technologies has launched a crowdfunding space in an effort to raise capital to launch a distinctive range of solar products. Their aim is for their products to penetrate the BOP market and to allow off-grid families across Sub-Saharan Africa to buy and accelerate their energy access via modular solar units.


A company that uses mobile money to sell solar power in Tanzania is one of the winners of this year’s Ashden Awards – the yearly prize that awards pioneering sustainable energy enterprises and programmes across the world.

High distribution costs in remote rural markets are a significant barrier for companies trying to reach populations at the base of the pyramid. Gaining access to end-consumers, often living in remote areas with little infrastructure, is costly and challenging. A pilot project is seeking to address this issue by building on existing distribution infrastructures across various channels.