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Stay abreast of the latest news from the energy sector and GVEP’s activities.

Entrepreneurs being trained on new cookstove designs

Through the Spark Fund Project in Kenya, GVEP has been working with local stove entrepreneurs to develop new biomass (wood & charcoal) cookstove designs for domestic use. The new stove designs will offer greater efficiency, reduced emissions, and improved safety and durability compared to other local existing models.

Jumeme: solar hybrid mini-grids in Tanzania

A Tanzanian mini-grids project whose financing process is being supported by GVEP Advisory Services has been selected to pitch at Pymwymic's Impact Days conference in Amsterdam in April.

In Jamaica and Suriname, two award winning businesses are transforming the lives of those living in under-served and off-grid communities. By implementing sustainable energy solutions they promote self-sufficiency, job creation, provision of 24/7 electricity and increased economic development.

CaribShare, a social enterprise delivering energy-from-waste solutions has signed a contract to power a new housing development in Jamaica. The deal will help to strengthen the livelihoods of rural communities through sustainable waste management and clean energy generation.

The scarcity of wood fuel and high cost of kerosene may no longer be a concern for many rural households in Central Kenya, thanks to a patent pending pay-as-you-go biogas business model that delivers a user friendly and affordable energy alternative to cooking and heating.

Grant funding will be used to support thirteen Senegalese businesses in several sectors to enhance their productivity and boost economic activities through improved provision of energy.

IICS in Uganda

Key stakeholders of the Uganda National Alliance for Clean Cooking (UNACC) met for a two day retreat to consolidate objectives and execute plans to increase distribution channels and improve the country’s development of the cookstove market.

GVEP highlighted continuing progress in providing clean cookstoves and fuels in Africa at the National Stoves and Fuel Conference held recently in Nairobi, Kenya.

Prosonergy, an international distributor of solar products, is targeting the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) with quality products and services at affordable prices and empowering the distributors across Africa and Asia.

 A gender based training event run by GVEP has been equipping women with knowledge and skills as well as boosting their confidence to tackle the predominantly male-run activities of stove cladding and assembling.