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Stay abreast of the latest news from the energy sector and GVEP’s activities.

LPG refill station in Ghana

Are innovation prizes a viable way of stimulating solutions to energy access? Find out from this Ideas to Impact learning paper.

Innovative energy access projects are increasingly turning to crowdfunding to address their financing need. But what do we know about the effectiveness of this tool to kick-start projects in developing countries?

GVEP has released a new study that analyses the growth process of micro-enterprises and in particular looks at the key features of growth and factors leading to such growth.

The next issue of HEDON’s Boiling Point, the practitioner’s journal for people working with household energy and cookstoves, published in partnership with ENERGIA, will be launched at the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Forum in New York on 17-21 May.

A metal cladding maker for cookstoves in Kisumu, Kenya

The US charity The Adventure Project, committed to support local economies and enhance livelihoods, has awarded a $43,000 grant to GVEP to help Kenyan cookstove artisans to scale-up the production of the innovative Jiko Smart, as well as to train more businesses on the production of this energy efficient stove model.

Underscoring the importance of the impact of access to energy, or the lack thereof, on women and girls, the first two years of the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) are dedicated to a global campaign on energy, women, children and health.

An entrepreneur's innovation being supported by UKaid-funded Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC) in Kenya's Kiambu County is providing clean and cheap energy alternatives to urban households in the country.

In remote areas where the electrical grid doesn’t reach, entrepreneurs are jumping on the solar wagon to light up their communities and address their basic energy needs.

Off-grid village of Ihalula, Tanzania

The global Smart Villages initiative has launched its Energy Innovation Challenge for young entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers in East Africa, aimed at supporting ideas for distributing or implementing existing technologies or for developing promising new technologies for energy generation or storage in off-grid villages. GVEP International will be part of the judging panel.

A new manual designed to support organisations in empowering women micro-entrepreneurs, small enterprise owners, and sales agents who work in the household energy sector, is now available.