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Stay abreast of the latest news from the energy sector and GVEP’s activities.

A client picks a charged phone from Mbacyenge Jean Bosco's solar charging shop.

GVEP is supporting entrepreneurs in Rwanda to effectively utilise solar energy to provide off-grid areas with healthy, reliable and affordable power through a mentorship programme.

500 delegates joined this year's SEED Africa Symposium "Building Bridges for Impact: Green and Inclusive Growth through Entrepreneurship" held on 9-10 September in Nairobi, Kenya.

kenyan Coast leaders at a GVEP-sponsored marketing development acitivity

A number of activities aimed at improving the production of technology, design and marketing of cookstoves and briquettes, are driving the uptake of these energy efficient products in Kenya.


LPG cylinders

The deadline for submitting to Ideas to Impact’s first innovation prize launched in July 2015 has now closed. A late surge in entries took the total number of complete entries to 139, well over our target of 80. The prize challenge invited researchers, innovators and scientists across the world to submit social, economic and environmental-friendly solutions for the recycling of bad-quality LPG cylinders in Sub-Saharan. More than 600 potential solvers expressed interest in the challenge.

Masupa enterprise in front of its stall in Wandegeya Market, Kampala

GVEP is supporting Ugandan briquette micro-enterprises to make their products easily accessible to a wider range of customers, by opening stalls in the hearts of town markets.

Ruth at her phone charging and barber business

Women entrepreneurs’ success in running energy micro-enterprises requires enormous support from their families. As a result, GVEP is engaging both men and women to ensure the growth of women-run energy businesses.


School pupils at Children's Corner Junior School in Kampala, Uganda at lunch.

Schools in Uganda are embracing the use of efficient cookstoves over the smoky and unhealthy traditional three-stone fires, resulting in reduced fuel costs and strain on the country’s forest cover.

LPG cylinder

Ideas to Impact, the DFID-sponsored programme that supports research and development in climate technologies for development, is launching a call for proposals for high-value alternative uses for substandard cylinders, so that they can be recycled and removed from LPG distribution channels. The winning ideas will be awarded $40,000.

SteamaCo is unlocking one of the key barriers to making micro-grids investable

Recognising their outstanding role in bringing smart and energy efficient technologies to rural areas, the two companies won awards, along with nine other pioneering sustainable energy organisations, at a prestigious ceremony in London on 11 June 2015.

Award-winning renewable energy company PowerGen is providing distributed energy services to yet another remote community through a 1.5kW solar mini-grid. The project is funded by a grant from the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre with GVEP playing an advisory role. Over the last two years the company has set up 24 community-scale micro-grid systems and has developed a pipeline of over 25 community projects throughout East Africa.