Our impact

To date, GVEP initiatives have provided 12.5 million people with access to clean energy. Our activities have also resulted in:
- 274 SMEs and 2,725 micro-enterprises receiving support
- 9.1 million tonnes of CO2 having been avoided due to low carbon technologies
- $90 million raised to support the development of a wide range of energy businesses
- Over 8,137 local jobs being created in Africa.


Over the last year we made significant progress in our enterprise development programmes by supporting:

We have supported nearly 3000 enterprises, who are in turn providing a variety of energy services and products:

Collectively, these businesses are providing energy access through a range of technologies to 11.7 million people. Below is the breakdown of population with access by technology:


Most importantly, we are conscious that we are making a difference in an efficient manner. As measured in one programme, the Developing Energy Enterprises Project (DEEP), we achieved the equivalent of one person gaining access to improved energy for every Euro (€1) of funding.  


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