Small scale wind

Eolic energyRural communities often do not have access to the national grid. Wind powered micro-grids are suited to the low-density rural areas and can be effective in meeting local social and economic needs.

Low-cost wind turbines with the capacity to produce between 50W and 1,000W are simple products that can be manufactured locally assembled and maintained with local expertise and resources. As demand for energy grows and power rationing becomes a daily issue for millions due to scarcity of supply, the private sector is well positioned to develop local energy systems.
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We support small entrepreneurs offering wind powered renewable energy solution for isolated and power back-up systems.


Harnessing the wind

Peter Muiruri has had no training in engineering of any sort. But his house in rural Kenya has light and power thanks to a windmill he built from metal scrap. Like the hero of the book Harnassing the Wind he uses a bicycle wheel in his windmill, which perches at the top of a slender wooden tower. The turbine lights his house, and he charges batteries and phones for neighbours for a small fee. Muiruri has also constructed several pieces of machinery which he runs on the electricity he generates.

GVEP is working with Muiruri to help him access a loan so that he can scale up his business. GVEP staff will work with him to strengthen his existing operations, including giving him access to technical advice from a manufacturer of small-scale wind turbines. See Peter' photo story.