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Customer demand soars for affordable power, as Azuri and GVEP bring clean electricity to off-grid rural communities in Rwanda.

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An award winning business plans to advance rural electrification in Haiti by using innovative gasification technology which turns agricultural waste into energy to power micro grids in rural villages.

Google’s Little Box Challenge is an open competition aiming to stimulate the creation of new, small, innovative power inverters. Smaller inverters will create a bigger spectrum of possible use, including more efficient solar PV products and smart grid distribution which could help to bringing electricity to many people who don’t have it. The winning design will receive a $1,000,000 prize fund.

Case studies

GVEP provides strategic, technical, financial and operational support to early-stage energy businesses which employ technologies including energy efficient cookstoves and briquettes, solar lighting and home systems, biogas, and mini-grid electrification. Below are a few examples of our work:

Supporting mini-grids and small hydro systems in rural areas to improve livelihoods

A reliable source of energy in remote areas can have significant benefits for local families, hospitals, schools, as well as boost the productivity of local businesses. GVEP is working with project developers in East Africa to build mini-grids and small hydro systems. 

Improving productivity and creating jobs in Senegal

Improving the provision of energy enhances productivity and boosts economic activity. GVEP helps various businesses expand through access to modern forms of energy in Senegal.

Providing efficiency and performance analysis for operator of energy kiosks

GVEP offers specialized advisory support to medium-sized energy access businesses that have the potential for growth and scale. We help them in various capacities: from developing their supply chain and route-to-market strategies, to accessing finance required for growth.

Micro-financing solar lanterns for women in rural Kenya 

The LED solar lamps not only serve as sustainable energy solutions to the women and their families, but will also save household budgets for lighting fuel spent on kerosene.




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