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LPG refill station in Ghana

Are innovation prizes a viable way of stimulating solutions to energy access? Find out from this Ideas to Impact learning paper.

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Innovative energy access projects are increasingly turning to crowdfunding to address their financing need. But what do we know about the effectiveness of this tool to kick-start projects in developing countries?

GVEP has released a new study that analyses the growth process of micro-enterprises and in particular looks at the key features of growth and factors leading to such growth.

Case studies

GVEP provides strategic, technical, financial and operational support to early-stage energy businesses which employ technologies including energy efficient cookstoves and briquettes, solar lighting and home systems, biogas, and mini-grid electrification. Below are a few examples of our work:

Meeting the energy needs of refugees and displaced people

GVEP is part of the Moving Energy Initiative, a consortium working to meet the energy needs of refugees and displaced people in a safe, cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Providing efficiency and performance analysis for operator of energy kiosks

GVEP offers specialized advisory support to medium-sized energy access businesses that have the potential for growth and scale. We help them in various capacities: from developing their supply chain and route-to-market strategies, to accessing finance required for growth.

Energy opportunities for women in Senegal

GVEP and local partner SEM Fund are supporting women’s economic empowerment through a three-year project, Economic Opportunities for Women in Senegal (EOWS), with financing from ENERGIA, the International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy.




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